Box of Rain

Some of you may think that we chose this title because we love the Grateful Dead.  Although that’s also true, it’s mainly because those two things have comprised the majority of our daily existence for the last two weeks. Hard to find words to describe the last 24 hours or so, particularly the last 15: […]

We Are Done

I am completely exhausted. Karen is so delirious that she has lost her nouns. Luckily her verbs and adjectives are still around so we can babble nonsensically to each other. We are done packing. One open box left to pack my computer stuff after I pack this computer that I am typing this on. Had […]

The Home Stretch

Yes, we packed all day again and we’re still not done. But! We can clearly see what still needs to be done and there is definitely a light at the end of that tunnel. Our kitchen cupboards are bare, as you can see – ok, in truth, those particular cupboards have been bare for a […]

Ready to go now

I think we will never finish packing. No matter how many boxes we pack, there is still an endless amount of things. Our shelves are empty, our cupboards are bare, and we have recycled a forest, but there is still so much more to do. I suppose it will eventually end and we will unpack […]

Stormy Weather

Our intentions were good – we meant to run a bunch of errands then do more packing. We braved the heavy rains to go to the pet store, the Safeway and the AAA store where we got a ton of maps. When we got home, I started working on mapping out our route, looking up […]

“You Sure Do Have a Lot of Clothes”

…says my friend Jenni, who graciously helped me pack and sort them all day! It was worth all the eye rolling (jk Jenni!). Plus some other stuff too.  I’ve known her for over 20 years and was bawling like a baby when she drove away. This leaving thing suuuuuucks 🙁  Had a great dinner at […]

Bittersweet Symphony

Ok, first of all, please believe me when I say that not all of our posts will be very sad. Just for a little bit longer. Things keep breaking. Today we found out one of our hubcaps was missing after Lori going to Costco yesterday and waiting over 3 hours for new tires. They said […]


3/15/11 – T minus 13 and counting… “Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a HAL 9000 computer.” — About half our stuff is packed. Our house is starting to look like a warehouse and everything feels very surreal. 3/22/11 – “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.” — My friend Ace will come and take a bunch […]

We Have a Moving Date

Our stuff is being picked up on Thursday, March 24th. We are freaking out, a little or a lot, depending on the minute. Lori went to get new tires for the car. I’m doing laundry and continuing to pack.

We Get By With a Little Help from Our Friends

Thank you so very much to Anna, Jan, Adriene & Shinobu for helping us get packed today! It made the day so much easier and we are lucky to have such great friends. As for the sedative trial  – Nikkyo and Buster fell asleep about 10 hours after we dosed them. Guess they need a […]