Got a Feelin’ Inside (Can’t Explain)

Seder tableWow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since the last post. It was a pretty busy week, beginning with Passover seder at my parents’ place on Monday evening, which was hectic, as seders can be, but very nice. Not surprisingly, most of my parents’ guests preferred the non-Manischevitz wine to the Manischevitz (thanks helpful liquor-store-dude-down-the street!). Tuesday we did some more unpacking which is just endless. Wednesday we walked over to our nearest library and got library cards (6.5 blocks) and I can’t remember what else. Thursday we embarked upon a full day of shopping for work clothes as my new workplace is somewhat less casual than my previous one. I think I did pretty well and will show some pics soon of me attempting to look more professional. I believe that was the night we tried out the One World Cafe – a vegetarian/vegan place about a 3 min drive away – probably only a 15 min walk, too and it was absolutely delicious, we’ll definitely be going back there.

Friday brought more unpacking and we have cut down significantly on our box barricade. What’s left is securing our furniture to the living room wall, or some of it, anyway and filling it up with stuff, and unpacking the office. We have all of our bedroom furniture in the right place and most everything that’s going in it unpacked, but it’s still not picture-ready. A major success was getting my shoe tree put-together. The goddess knows we girlie-girls  who don’t have the luxury of a walk-in closet gotta have our shoe trees! We are so over boxes. Can’t wait to get rid of every last one of ’em. Buster and Nikkyo are settled in, as evidenced by their taking over our new chair. Once in awhile Lori and I get to sit in it.

Buster on chaise lounge Nikkyo on chaise lounge







Yesterday we were so excited to finally get to meet Sharon daVanport, the Executive Director of the Autism Women’s Network. Lori’s now worked, skyped and emailed with her for years but they’d never met in person. Sharon is an amazing woman and it was an honor and a pleasure to get to hang out with her for the day. We will hopefully be seeing her tomorrow as well in D.C. I spent today with my parents, doing laundry there instead of braving the death-defying fire escape stairs to get to the laundry room and helping them out with a few things. They were happy to pawn off their last box of matzoh on me & Lori. 🙂

Paper Moon DinerOther than that, we are trying to acclimate to Baltimore in various ways. We’ve had some humidity but not too bad. Today I even got to wear shorts and sandals. This evening we had a pretty good thunderstorm with torrential rain that you just never see in the Bay Area but for once in a blue moon. We walked over to the Paper Moon Diner for brunch this morning (7-block walk), the atmosphere and food were great – finally a good cup of coffee other than Starbucks! Any of you other B-more dwellers care to weigh in on where else to get a good cup? And by good, I mean strong (no amber, only dark!) with good flavor.  The diner has a very quirky, funky decor – reminds me in some ways of Berkeley or SF but there is a feel to it that is pure Baltimore.

We are also trying to adjust mentally to being here – still being in boxes doesn’t help but I think starting work and a routine will. Not that I haven’t been grateful for the time off between jobs, but I think things will start to feel more normal for both of us then. Still missing our house and everyone and everything in the Bay Area but also looking forward to seeing everyone here and starting our new Life in Baltimore in earnest.

We’re hopeful that we can relax during the last couple of days before my first day of work, since we’ve been going non-stop for oh, several months now. The rest of the boxes will just have to wait. Thanks everyone on both coasts and in-between for your patience with us when we are slow to return phone calls or email – we’re just still adjusting. Hope everyone had a good Passover/Easter/Spring week.