We Have a Pub a Block Away

New apt bldg


…and it was our saving grace this evening. I don’t know that I’ve actually ever been to the Charles Village Pub. In my misspent youth, it was mostly the Mt Royal Tavern where I’d hang out when home from college or just hanging in B’more some random weekend. The beer and bourbon & ginger hit the spot after a very long day and the food smelled delicious – 3 hours at IKEA and then an hour or more at Home Depot. But although we came close, neither of us cried at IKEA, which tends to be the norm for us.

The ride home was, let’s just say, “interesting,” in that our GPS took us a route I wouldn’t have chosen to get home. I made Lori take it off the dashboard and hold it in her lap. I’m just glad she never watched the Wire. 😉 We’ll get our friend Marnee to remind us where not to go! Feel free to chime in, Baltimore peeps. Don’t worry, it is a mistake I won’t repeat again. In all seriousness, it’s incredibly sad that there continues to be such a split between the haves and the have-nots in a country so rich in resources. Starting to get the old social worker juices flowing again..which is good so I can seem somewhat intelligent when I meet the new work people next week, tho’ I’m still having trouble with most nouns and some verbs.

Lori is slowly getting to understand the city grid, at least the part near where we live. Although for the life of me, I can’t explain why North Ave runs east/west – it just puts the charm in Charm City! Tomorrow we are getting our stuff, all of our alleged 85 boxes and more, as well as our stuff from IKEA. We will get someone to put it all together, we did it for our foldout couch and it was well worth it. I think having familiar furniture will make Buster feel better – he’s having a hard time adapting, poor little guy, but generally he and Nikkyo are doing ok.

Friday we will get an exciting car inspection so we can go to the DMV (or MVA as they call it here) next week and spend hours wishing we were dead, oops I mean getting our new licenses and plates. Then we’ll hang with my aunt & uncle and my parents for the evening. The weekend will mostly be spent getting our place in order.

Another saving grace tonight was being able to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory online. Not only that, but it was about Sheldon’s World of Warcraft account getting hacked – doubly nerdalicious!