The Surreal Life


I can’t believe we live in Baltimore! Everything is very surreal, like I am living someone else’s life. Pretty sure that Karen is living someone else’s life too. I wonder if that means we are cheating on each other. Maybe it will feel more real when our stuff gets here on Thursday or maybe when I have some sort of clue where I am when I walk out the door.

Karen has been showing me around as we do errands, and trying to explain where things are, but directions are not my best thing. Luckily we live down the block from about a million things, so I don’t need to travel very far at the moment. There are 3 cafes including a Starbucks in walking distance, a liquor store, our bank, a little market, a sushi and bagel store, Barnes and Noble, a pub, and some other random interesting places.

Today we went to the state building (or whatever it is called in MD) and officially registered my business, then to the bank to get K an account and set up my business account. Always good to be able to deposit checks! Tomorrow, we will brave IKEA. IKEA makes me cry 99.9% of the times that I go there and K is not too fond of it either.

All I know is that everything is perfect now that Buster is back. That little orange cat just about broke our hearts last night and it was hard to give a crap about what a great apartment we have while he was gone.

Today, things are better. I am back in business, or at least as much as I can be without my main computer, K will go meet her new work people on Monday, the cats are fast asleep and happy, and sometime in the near future we will be drinking beer with old friends! When we pulled out for the final leg of our drive, our song was playing (Nothing Else Matters by Metallica). I think that is a sign of good things to come.