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I love our apartment and I love our neighborhood, but in general, I have been very down since we have lived in Baltimore. Some unfortunate things have happened such as being turned down for a driver’s license until I go through a 3 state fax & snail mail chain plus a $25 check to clear […]

The Surreal Life

I can’t believe we live in Baltimore! Everything is very surreal, like I am living someone else’s life. Pretty sure that Karen is living someone else’s life too. I wonder if that means we are cheating on each other. Maybe it will feel more real when our stuff gets here on Thursday or maybe when […]

Good Night Missouri

We are now in Joplin, Missouri, over half way between Oakland and Baltimore. I have never been to most states in this country and it has been interesting getting to see little highway bits of some of them. Lots of desert, followed by lots of grass, followed by lots of hay. The cats have been […]

We Are Done

I am completely exhausted. Karen is so delirious that she has lost her nouns. Luckily her verbs and adjectives are still around so we can babble nonsensically to each other. We are done packing. One open box left to pack my computer stuff after I pack this computer that I am typing this on. Had […]

Ready to go now

I think we will never finish packing. No matter how many boxes we pack, there is still an endless amount of things. Our shelves are empty, our cupboards are bare, and we have recycled a forest, but there is still so much more to do. I suppose it will eventually end and we will unpack […]


3/15/11 – T minus 13 and counting… “Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a HAL 9000 computer.” — About half our stuff is packed. Our house is starting to look like a warehouse and everything feels very surreal. 3/22/11 – “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.” — My friend Ace will come and take a bunch […]

Soon we will live in Baltimore

Today we live in Oakland