Good Night Missouri

The Lone Star Horse

The Lone Star Horse

We are now in Joplin, Missouri, over half way between Oakland and Baltimore. I have never been to most states in this country and it has been interesting getting to see little highway bits of some of them. Lots of desert, followed by lots of grass, followed by lots of hay.

The cats have been troopers but they are not too happy when they are in their carriers. Can’t say I blame them. Karen and I are kind of brain dead still, but very thankful for cruise control, Harry Potter CDs, and the 75 mile an hour speed limit on most of the roads that we have been driving on. Just a couple of days left until we get to Columbus, then one more day to Baltimore. Will be nice to stay with Tracy and Pakito in Columbus.

Baby Back Ribs Potato ChipsWe arrived in Missouri after dark, so not sure what we will see here, but we did get to learn about the existence of Baby Back Ribs potato chips. Neither of us was brave enough to try them, but it makes a person curious.

Karen is making plans for where we will stay tomorrow night. Many of you probably already know this, but I would like to make it a matter of public record that Karen is an organizational genius. Each day, she reserves 2 places for us to stay the next night. When it gets to be the time that we need to cancel the reservation for the place we are not going to stay without penalty, we decide if we can make it to the second place or not and cancel one of the reservations depending on what the answer is. She has also planned 4 cross country routes for us, so no matter what kind of weather there was, we would have a plan. Thanks Karen! There is absolutely no way I could plan anything like this.