Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Kum & Go gas stationOk so it’s really the Comfort Suites but that just doesn’t go with the song now, does it? Work with me, people. Last night’s stay in Joplin, MO was very comfortable. Before we left this morning, I had to take this picture, because Lori and I are actually Beavis & Butthead 🙂

Took some nice midwestern pics. Lori and I have, of course, been mooing at all the cows and bleating at the sheep. It reminds me of that Far Side cartoon where the cows are standing by the fence and yelling at the cars going by, “Yakkety yak, yakkety yak!.”


Missouri sky

Missouri cows

Fireworks for saleThere are a ton of fireworks to be had, legally, in this country, starting in New Mexico, from the West. There’s nothing much more ‘merican than fireworks. It’s great to have some scenery after miles and miles and miles of desert and yellowed grass.

Just as a digressive (if that’s not a word, it should be) side note, the other things besides those that Lori mentioned in yesterday’s post that have been awesome to have on our journey is pb&j sandwiches and pretzel rods. Speaking of food, we are currently waiting on a mid-western meal, delivered to our motel, which will include fried pickle spears. Gotta at least try it. (Update: interesting and not bad, but probably wouldn’t eat it again – Lori agrees)

We got a little carried away with our St Louis Arch pictures – Lori was trying to get a good angle as we drove through rush hour traffic. I give you, without further ado, our tribute to the St Louis arch:

St Lous Arch 1

The Arch in the distance


St Lous Arch 2

The Arch closer, but behind a building









The Arch 3

The Arch behind another building

The Arch

The Arch behind a highway ramp









The Arch 5

The Arch behind a backwards highway sign

The Arch 6

The Arch behind a forward highway sign









The Arch 7

The Arch juxtaposed with a delapidated building

The Arch 8

The Arch behind a tree









And finally, a beautiful, if somewhat cropped picture of the St Louis Arch:

The Arch 9

Gleaming Arch















We may return to St Louis in the summer:


Def Leppard billboard,


If we do, I’m ready:


Karen with lighter and devil sign


And finally, we received some messages from, well, you decide, upon entering Illinois:


Rainbow over Illinois

Rainbow over Illinois


Giant cross in Effingham

Welcome to Effingham, Illinois

Illinois sunset 1

Illinois sunset 1


Illinois sunset 2

Illinois sunset 2

Tomorrow we head to the state that’s HI in the middle and round on both ends (thank you Bugs Bunny).

That’s all, folks.