Ready to go now

Buster and Nikkyo on the boxes

I think we will never finish packing. No matter how many boxes we pack, there is still an endless amount of things. Our shelves are empty, our cupboards are bare, and we have recycled a forest, but there is still so much more to do. I suppose it will eventually end and we will unpack it all again in Baltimore. Still seems like a long time between now and then, but it is only 8 or 9 days until we leave.

Not sure if I am ready to leave Oakland, but I am ready to move to Baltimore. I think Karen is ready too. Right now she is updating the software and maps on our GPS. The cats will never be ready. K and I have less than a full brain between us these days and both keep doing things that we normally wouldn’t do. Today I almost got out of the car and left it running with the keys inside. I don’t think we would get very far if someone stole our car. Luckily Karen’s half brain took notice.

Karen has been busy seeing people and going through pictures, scanning them, and emailing them to friends. I am working on one more project before we leave even though I kept saying that I wasn’t going to work anymore. Considering that everything we own is breaking in rapid succession and costs money to repair or replace, it is extra hard to turn down a good job when it comes along.

I wish we were done packing and leaving tomorrow.