The Home Stretch

Bare cupboard

Yes, we packed all day again and we’re still not done. But! We can clearly see what still needs to be done and there is definitely a light at the end of that tunnel. Our kitchen cupboards are bare, as you can see – ok, in truth, those particular cupboards have been bare for a week but we figured we needed to post something different than cats on boxes 🙂

This week is going to be even busier, including but not limited to: mailing a couple of boxes to my parents’ place, getting Lori’s foldup desk delivered, getting more boxes, getting our freezer repaired (part is supposed to come before Wednesday when repair guy returns), getting a bunch of furniture and trash (approximately one crapload of trash) hauled away, doing a trial run of packing the car, making sure we have all the names and phone numbers of the motels where we may stay, obsessively checking the weather across the country (yup, that would be me), figuring out if we should keep our modems to have WiFi till we leave, meaning there will be more to put in the car, and…well, that’s plenty.

If all goes well, we will be ready for the movers early Thursday morning and be left with 2 cats, a suitcase and very little else. And if all goes REALLY well, I get to celebrate (or mourn) by treating myself to a leg wax and mani/pedi on Friday. I finally earned $10 off at the nail salon after my 10th mani/pedi and I’m not letting it go to waste!

Lori is already starting to have separation anxiety about her desktop computer, which I can totally understand – I hope that it arrives in Baltimore safe and sound. And speaking of anxiety, we decided NOT to do a trial run of driving on the highway for awhile with the cats. We figure if it goes badly, they will be traumatized by us trying to get them into the carriers on the actual leaving date, and we definitely don’t want that to happen. Poor unsuspecting kitties. Maybe they will be soothed by our Harry Potter book on cd. Everyone loves a good Harry Potter story, right? Right?