Stormy Weather

K & L with map

Our intentions were good – we meant to run a bunch of errands then do more packing. We braved the heavy rains to go to the pet store, the Safeway and the AAA store where we got a ton of maps. When we got home, I started working on mapping out our route, looking up motels and weather. Lori fell asleep and a little while later I fell asleep, too. I woke up after a horrible nightmare about it raining inside our house. (Don’t worry, Lorena & Tess – it was only a dream!). I re-calibrated our route due to weather and temperatures. Instead of going up 80 through Nevada, we’re going to go south to Barstow and up past Las Vegas to the 70. We may also decide to leave on March 27th instead of March 28th. Found out today that the movers are coming early on Thursday the 24th. We better finish most of our packing this weekend!

Apparently there has been bizarre weather all over the Bay Area – here in Oakland we got heavy rain, a big flash of lightning and some thunder. It freaked Buster out – I guess the cats will have to get used to thunderstorms in Baltimore! Normally I’d welcome a rainy weekend and likely spend it playing World of Warcraft, but we haven’t had time to play in months. I miss throwing fireballs and doing other mage-y things. My cough is finally gone and last night I got the first uninterrupted night’s sleep in weeks – hope that trend continues. Other than that, we are both kind of brain-dead, yet Lori has somehow found the brain power to do another small work project. Can’t believe we’re leaving in just over a week – despite the houseful of boxes, it still doesn’t seem quite real.