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I love our apartment and I love our neighborhood, but in general, I have been very down since we have lived in Baltimore. Some unfortunate things have happened such as being turned down for a driver’s license until I go through a 3 state fax & snail mail chain plus a $25 check to clear […]

Got a Feelin’ Inside (Can’t Explain)

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since the last post. It was a pretty busy week, beginning with Passover seder at my parents’ place on Monday evening, which was hectic, as seders can be, but very nice. Not surprisingly, most of my parents’ guests preferred the non-Manischevitz wine to the Manischevitz (thanks […]

$??!!&!! and Good Things, Too

Sunday we discovered a place, where else? – down the block – that has both Chinese food and sushi and delivers, and if we have to call for delivery then we are sick or snowed in because there is no other excuse. We also discovered that said restaurant’s food looks nothing like the pictures, and […]

Pink Dalmatians

Today we went everywhere within a one-block radius: Starbucks, Sam’s Bagels – where the nice lady who makes the bagels sings happily while making food and assured us without us asking that the bagels are “very, very kosher” and they were delicious – had to love the pictures of puppies and roses on the walls […]

You Can Totally Tell

You can totally tell that we haven’t lived on the east coast for a long time. The other day, Lori and I were walking down the street – it wasn’t raining but mostly cloudy with the sun going in and out. There were people in short-sleeved shirts, people eating outside at cafe’s and restaurants, people […]

Our New Place and a Giant Sigh of Relief

I just have to tell the relief part first. It is a very happy ending. We lost Buster. We got to our apartment in the late morning, brought everything in, including the cats and Nikkyo and Buster were exploring. There is a space on the kitchen floor between the two sets of cabinets – which […]

Good Friends are Food for the Soul

Yesterday we drove from Effingham, IL to Columbus, OH. As many of you facebookers know, we got stuck in a long traffic jam outside of Indianapolis, which made us get to Columbus later than we’d hoped, but not too bad. While we were crawling up I-70, we noticed a cool invention – heavy duty springs […]

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

Ok so it’s really the Comfort Suites but that just doesn’t go with the song now, does it? Work with me, people. Last night’s stay in Joplin, MO was very comfortable. Before we left this morning, I had to take this picture, because Lori and I are actually Beavis & Butthead 🙂 Took some nice […]

Good Night Missouri

We are now in Joplin, Missouri, over half way between Oakland and Baltimore. I have never been to most states in this country and it has been interesting getting to see little highway bits of some of them. Lots of desert, followed by lots of grass, followed by lots of hay. The cats have been […]

Don’t Let the Sound of Your Own Wheels Drive You Crazy

Woo hoo – we made it to Amarillo! We kind of pushed ourselves and the cats in terms of our energy and it was a lot of driving, but I’m happy we got here – it will make the next few days a bit easier on our way to Columbus, OH – should get there […]