Pink Dalmatians

Today we went everywhere within a one-block radius: Starbucks, Sam’s Bagels – where the nice lady who makes the bagels sings happily while making food and assured us without us asking that the bagels are “very, very kosher” and they were delicious – had to love the pictures of puppies and roses on the walls – and B of A, where the woman who set us up with bank accounts waved and smiled at us. Later we had dinner at Chipotle (meh – but we are SF/Oakland burrito snobs and proud of it) and then drinks with our friends Kim and Marnee at the Charles Village Pub. Who needs to go anywhere else, really? Well us, since we are searching for a better burrito, which I hear from my friend Mike may be in Columbia.

Lori & KIm Marnee & Karen

Before that, Lori put up the space saver in the bathroom, our landlord boarded up the hole under the sink…well, mostly…there is still a space that Buster may or may not fit through – he tried while we were watching and did give up, but we put a smaller barricade there just in case and may need more boards. Lori and I also debated the color of our bath towels and bathmat, which we ultimately decided was royal purple. And this is the “homosexual lifestyle” from which people must be protected. We did actually do some unpacking but not all of our things made it in one piece 🙁 Since we didn’t get extra insurance and packed most of the broken things ourselves, we can’t get reimbursed. Bleah.

Karen's Crevice ToolThe most exciting part of the day was when I discovered the crevice tool on the dustbuster. No self-respecting woman should be without a crevice tool. Ahhh, THIS must be the homosexual lifestyle from which people must be protected! Please, don’t allow us to marry, or the (royal purple) fabric of society will surely tear.

I picked up a City Paper, where else? Within a one-block radius. I happened upon the following ad. They had me at Tuesdays, and then I saw Mondays.

Ritz Cabaret Ad