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WTF B’More? or Oy, the Minutiae!

While there is a lot to love about Baltimore and we have no doubt that we made the right decision by moving here, it’s been a rocky road to settling in and we are bogged down by minutiae – Lori is convinced that Maryland has it in for her and I can’t really disagree. First […]

Three Little Birds

Last week before I started my job, we spent a beautiful afternoon in Fell’s Point. Please enjoy (or forgive) my pictorial homage to “Homicide: Life on the Street.” There are still memorials of sorts to the building they used for the police station – it was there already but was never actually used for that […]


I love our apartment and I love our neighborhood, but in general, I have been very down since we have lived in Baltimore. Some unfortunate things have happened such as being turned down for a driver’s license until I go through a 3 state fax & snail mail chain plus a $25 check to clear […]

Got a Feelin’ Inside (Can’t Explain)

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since the last post. It was a pretty busy week, beginning with Passover seder at my parents’ place on Monday evening, which was hectic, as seders can be, but very nice. Not surprisingly, most of my parents’ guests preferred the non-Manischevitz wine to the Manischevitz (thanks […]

The Good, The Bad and the PBBTTHHT!

The latter half of this week was kind of rough. I woke up on Wednesday with stomach problems but we had to get going to Social Security to change Lori’s information over to Maryland. For those of you who don’t already know, Lori is autistic. She found this out at age 38, after many years […]

$??!!&!! and Good Things, Too

Sunday we discovered a place, where else? – down the block – that has both Chinese food and sushi and delivers, and if we have to call for delivery then we are sick or snowed in because there is no other excuse. We also discovered that said restaurant’s food looks nothing like the pictures, and […]

You Can Totally Tell

You can totally tell that we haven’t lived on the east coast for a long time. The other day, Lori and I were walking down the street – it wasn’t raining but mostly cloudy with the sun going in and out. There were people in short-sleeved shirts, people eating outside at cafe’s and restaurants, people […]

We Have a Pub a Block Away

  …and it was our saving grace this evening. I don’t know that I’ve actually ever been to the Charles Village Pub. In my misspent youth, it was mostly the Mt Royal Tavern where I’d hang out when home from college or just hanging in B’more some random weekend. The beer and bourbon & ginger […]

The Surreal Life

I can’t believe we live in Baltimore! Everything is very surreal, like I am living someone else’s life. Pretty sure that Karen is living someone else’s life too. I wonder if that means we are cheating on each other. Maybe it will feel more real when our stuff gets here on Thursday or maybe when […]

Our New Place and a Giant Sigh of Relief

I just have to tell the relief part first. It is a very happy ending. We lost Buster. We got to our apartment in the late morning, brought everything in, including the cats and Nikkyo and Buster were exploring. There is a space on the kitchen floor between the two sets of cabinets – which […]