Bittersweet Symphony

Castro Flag

Ok, first of all, please believe me when I say that not all of our posts will be very sad. Just for a little bit longer. Things keep breaking. Today we found out one of our hubcaps was missing after Lori going to Costco yesterday and waiting over 3 hours for new tires. They said they didn’t have it so now we need a replacement. Tomorrow the guy comes to fix our freezer. On a happier note, we did get the very last spot in the BART parking garage!  Lori and I went to the Castro today to pick up contact lenses and sunglasses. It was very, very hard to leave the Castro. It was also likely Lori’s last time in San Francisco for a long time. How many countless other people have stood under this flag and shed tears?

I did get to end the day happily by celebrating my friend Adriene’s birthday with her and her parents in Berkeley. And ran into Francisco from AHP at the restaurant! It was great to see Adriene, although I will miss her very much. As you can see we are experiencing the full range of emotion on a daily basis. I am diagnosing us with Leaving California-itis NOS.