More Than One Box

I finally stopped hacking up my lungs long enough to get some packing done. There are years worth of dust in this house, which doesn’t really help the lung sitch… but Nikkyo and Buster are all ready to go.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

Well, as it turns out, Marley won’t be on board after all – we had to say goodbye to him today. Be in peace with Shiki, Kito and your other kitty friends, sweet boy. Managed to distract ourselves by packing some more boxes today. This weekend we hope to get many more done. The coughing […]

Getting Ready to Go (T-minus 18 days till lift-off)

We got an apartment, thanks to our friend Lisa. I left my job. Lori finished up her work projects. We had the farewell party and it was good. Then I got the demon flu and have been fairly out of commission ever since. Fortunately I have at least been able to make numerous calls to […]

Soon we will live in Baltimore

Today we live in Oakland