Get Your Motor Running…

Buster in carrierDay one began with a late start due to underestimating how long it would take to pack the car, have a brief cry and bundle up the cats. Lori is a packing-the-car genius. Thankfully she thinks in grids, which I think helps a lot. Buster and Nikkyo were the best little troopers ever. They meowed a lot for the first couple of hours, then just occasionally. Nobody pooped, peed or puked. Well we peed a few times, is that TMI? Buster was pretty freaked out the first half – his little lower jaw would hang open like he was horrified, but as soon as Lori or I would talk to him or make a sound, he’d close it and lick his nose. They then both went into the shocked acceptance phase. Buster eventually settled down as did Nikkyo.

On the way out of town, my clip-on sunglasses fell between my seat and the middle thingamajig (still having trouble with nouns) and I had to take off my seatbelt and use the flashlight to find it, which fortunately didn’t take me long. Just south of Tracy there was a very cool crane forest – I’m talking about the construction type, not the birds. It looked like an amusement park. Right before Bakersfield, we saw a great gas station called Gas War 🙂 Ain’t that the truth?

Saw some very cool clouds and a wind farm:

California Clouds

Wind Farm

Had some pb&j sandwiches for lunch and alfajores for dessert (thanks Lorena, Tess & Andrea!) We got to Victorville around 7:30pm and checked into the motel. The guy at the front desk was so nice, I’ll have to leave a good review on TripAdvisor.

Lori went to get us dinner and about 10 min later I lost Buster in the motel room. Really lost him, like he totally disappeared into thin air. He was locked in the bathroom with Nikkyo when Lori left, then I fed them and then he vanished in a puff of orange tabby smoke.  I looked for him for 20 minutes at least, everywhere. Finally after Lori came back, we found him in the one little spot at the back corner of the bed  – the type of which is made so that pets can’t get underneath it. Hmph. Then Nikkyo took a turn behind the bed for a bit. Now Buster is chilling with us on the bed and Nikkyo is wandering around somewhere.

Nikkyo in motelBuster in motel


Most of the motels we’re staying in have breakfast 6am – 9am. Good way to kick our butts into gear earlier!