Getting Ready to Go (T-minus 18 days till lift-off)

We got an apartment, thanks to our friend Lisa. I left my job. Lori finished up her work projects. We had the farewell party and it was good. Then I got the demon flu and have been fairly out of commission ever since. Fortunately I have at least been able to make numerous calls to utility companies, start planning our route and look up pet-friendly motels and other sedentary activities. Everything except packing. Today I was told I had the job, just need to formalize things when I get there. Not ready to post it on the internet until I have signed on the dotted line. Tomorrow is the day when we get down to business and start sorting and pre-packing. Sunday we are having a packing party/extravaganza with some additional help during the week. Thank goodness for the generosity of our friends! Little do Nikkyo and Buster (our two youngest cats) know that we are going to practice sedating them during our packing party, for “just in case” on the road. Marley has earned the right to be sedation-free.

Next week: take the car in for service and prepare it for a long drive and east coast weather, get the plumber to fix our leaky kitchen sink, download update to our gps, buy cat carriers, go to AAA, see more friends, do more packing, send boxes to Baltimore, figure out what we are going to take on the road. And probably 100 more things.